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Do you want to be visible on Google? The answer should be obvious. No other marketing can compare to that of being visible and rank high in the major search engines when consumers actively search for products and services.

Over 90% of us in the UK are looking on the internet before we make a purchase of a service or product, and only here in England, there are more than 45 million searches each day on Google. The absolutely best way to increase traffic to your website and the fastest link to new customers is to be high up in the search results on Google. Of course, people use the ads on Google to get in contact with companies, but around 80% tend to use the organic list. And this is where our SEO-work will get you, a position as high up as possible ideally on the first page.

“Sanjit is extremely talented, he designed my website and business cards 5 years ago, I since decided to rebrand and used Sanjit again as I was so pleased the first time. He understands what you want and always beats my expectations. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome and would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you again Sanjit”

Gemma King, Twisted Twine Designs

Good search engine optimization is a simple way to new customers.

Do you want your business to rank higher on Google?

Most companies have already understood the importance of being reachable over the Internet. But by contrast most of them have slipped past the difference to just be there and to actually be seen. Visibility amongst all the websites, ads and business pages is achieved through consistent and hard work. To end up way back in the search results, hidden in the shadows of competitors is a risk you take without strategic SEO work.

While working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are working actively and strategically with your website’s structure in an attempt to help Google to locate its relevance, understand the content and then choose to display the page at the forefront of the search results.

The demand for quality today is very high and continues to rise, which in turn has led to that the demands for optimization also has increased. What has made us successful is that we have a good handle on what affects the results. For many years, we have followed Google’s development and therefore also possess the knowledge required to be able to take you to the top. There is no hocus pocus, only hard work and well-formed strategies that takes you there.

Where do you end up in the search results today? How are your competitors doing in regards to positioning on Google? We want to make you number one. Just give us a call and we can begin the work today.

Are you visible where the customers are looking?

Do you know if you’re an option when people google for information about your industry and the city you’re operating in? Let us know if you’re not and we’ll help you up on Google’s first page with the keywords you want to appear on.

SEO – Indispensable Online Marketing.

With many years of experience and a really great team spirit, we have gathered and developed the right tools to help our customers with their online presence. For companies with big ambitions, search engine optimization (SEO) should be seen as a natural part of its remaining marketing. For us it is so much more than that, it’s a lifestyle, a craft.

It usually gives you a priceless advantage over your competition if you rank high in Google’s search results. Through strategic SEO work, we’ll be able to clarify your website’s existence for the search engines so that they understand its value and relevance.

Website Pages

SEO – How does it work?

You work with a process that consists of three main elements when dealing with search engine optimization. These three elements are the ones that Google primarily examines and evaluates:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Relevance Optimization
  • Link Strategy

The first thing that happens is that you choose phrases that are expected to provide the greatest profitability for your company. By taking relevance, search volume and competition in to account you easily come up with the ones which will generate the most clicks. Then, we start with reforming the content and structure of the website to increase its visibility and weight in Google’s opinion. Last but not least we apply the very important link strategy. There are links connected to your site. They will play the most crucial part in how successful the optimization will prove to be in the end.

Keyword Analysis

It’s with the right keywords you increase traffic to your website and in the long run the ones which will generate the most customers. You will have to take a number of different factors into account to get the keywords that are most favourable for your website. First, you examine the volume of the search phrase.

Then you go on to also evaluate how well they match the page you have and the products and services you provide. Of course, the very best thing to do is to choose phrases that as closely as possible match your content. With broad keywords, you might be visible more often but with narrower keywords, you have more of a shot to appear at the right time and convert visitors into paying customers.

When you’ve got a number of keywords that are proven to have high relevance and a high conversion rate, you should also review and assess their competition. We will naturally help you with everything from choosing the best phrases to evaluating the market.


This is done to help Google and other search engines to see the relevance of your website and understand its purpose. You arrange the structure and text of the website to improve and clarify them.

What we look at in this stage are many factors, but here are five key fragments.

  • Are the selected keywords in your page title?
  • Are they included in the text?
  • Are they in the title?
  • Do they exist in the meta-description?
  • Is the content built adequately and properly?


Link Strategy is arguably the most advanced optimization work and that which requires the most time, but it’s also the most important part of the process if you want your optimization to be successful.

In general, you want to have many links, but at the same time, you want as strong links as possible directed to the website and thereby indicate to Google that you have content of value that’s worth to be found. Links with the right character help to bring relevance to your website. In short, Google sees high-quality links as a recommendation. And just like in real life, a recommendation is something positive.

A few years ago, it was enough to put a number of meta-keywords on your site to achieve results, but Google has grown and gotten better since then. And therefore, today you need a link strategy to achieve the results you want.

Website Pages

Every page on your website will have a title and description optimised for the keywords of your business. We also help with advising you on the text that should be on your website to help with the optimisation.


Images on a website are often overlooked when it comes to optimisation. When we design your website we ensure that every image is optimised for your keywords.


There’s nothing worse than a website that loads slowly, potential clients will just leave and look elsewhere. Our hosting service is simply superb; it’s secure and extremely fast.


Google and Bing maps are a powerful tool to increase your business. You don’t need to have a physical location to benefit from the maps service. Every website we design comes with this as standard.

Social Media

Whether you love social media or loathe it, it is essential to have a business presence on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. We can help set up your social media pages making them look professional.


Google Adwords is a very powerful tool to increase your business. We have teamed up with an Adwords specialist should you require this additional service.

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